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Sakorn Somboon

KOZO Restaurant & Lounge

Accra, Ghana

“you do not have to think outside the box, if you get rid of the box”

Chef Sakorn Somboon

Sakorn Somboon was born in Khon Kaen, Thailand and raised in Holland. Sakorn was born into the environment where love and respect for multicultural food and the healthy products was a strong way of life and living. At the age of 4 he was already comfortable and helping out in the kitchen, and at the age of 14 he got his first job in a Chinese restaurant where he studied craft of Chinese cuisine. At the age of 22 he made a life changing decision to become the top Asian chef and moved to London. Through his culinary expertise, hard-working attitude, and passion, he was rewarded with the position of a Head Chef and opened many of London’s finest dining outlets. Throughout many years, he had travelled the world studying and putting together his menus. His goal is to guide all his guests to a journey of true flavours of modern Southeast Asian cuisine. Recently moved to Accra, Ghana as Executive Head Chef of Kozo, with all his experiences he is focusing his time and energy into making his dream become reality by taking inspiration from local produce and world cuisines. He is very proud to be Introducing Ghana and Africa to Kozo and his unique style of Asian cuisine which is bursting with flavours and innovations.